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Welcome to Ecosse Candle, where we believe your scented soy wax candles should smell as good on the last burn as it did the first time you lit it. That’s why we spend a great deal of time and effort developing each and every one of our fragrances until its just right before we add it into our ranges for you. Each and every one of our scents are developed exclusively for Ecosse Candle so you can experience high quality long lasting scent from your candle or melt for its entire lifetime not just the first time you burn it!

From our ever growing range of unique fragrances, we are sure you will find a new favourite scented soy wax candle or wax melt that you will love to fill your home with and that you will just love to sit down with a coffee or a nice glass of wine and relax with a good book or your favourite TV show.

Taking inspiration for our scented soy wax candles from around Scotland as well as having the privilage of being based in Ayrshire on Scotlands stunning Clyde Coast.  Ecosse Candle manufacture all of their scented soy wax candles and melts in their workshop in Ayrshire where each and every one is hand poured with love and care.

Ecosse Candle believe that scented soy wax candles should be as natural as possible which is why they only use pure Soy Wax that is non-coloured to give a more environmentally friendly candle. We then pour the scented wax by hand in to stylish yet colourful glass to give you great looking yet natural candles, which is better for you and your home.

Did you know that if you accidentally spill some of the soy wax from your candle on the carpet, clothing or furniture, that it can be washed out easily with hot soapy water. For more benefits of using soy wax candles please see our Soy Wax Section.

Feel free to have a look around our website where we are sure you will find your perfect scented soy wax candles, whether you are looking for a gift for someone or yourself to relax and unwind with. Looking to freshen up the kitchen after cooking strong smelling foods or even to freshen up the house from pet smells.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to come to our website!



Ecosse Candle

Ecosse Candle