To help us get started we ran a crowdfunding campaign in January 2013 on crowdfunding platform Bloom VC.

Through the amazing generosity of friends, family and complete strangers we were able to pull together some of the funding we needed to get started.

Crowdfunding was an incredible journey for us, and we have met so many amazing people along the way who are now part of the Ecosse Candle Company story.

Ecosse Candle Company Supporters:

Yvonne Mills

Elaine Mills

Linda Haswell

Darren Bradley

Michael Campbell

Kayleigh Diamond

Erica Kirby

Nicola Dundas

Carol Happell

Gemma Keenan

Liz Allan

Nonsuch B

Yvette Brennan

Sandra Dalziel

I would also like to add there was a number of people that donated to our project  who wish to remain anonymous.

To everyone involved I thank you all.