We use colourful and contemporary glass containers for our scented soy wax candles which come in votive glasses and also a medium sized glass jar. The glass jar is compatible with other candle manufacturers accessories.

When designing our glass candle ranges we have kept the wax as natural as possible and only coloured the glass so as to give you the best of both worlds, giving our customers all the benifits of natural candles but keeping all of the style and colour.

Glass Jar Candles

Glass Jar Candles (13)

Our colourful and contemporary glass jar candles are perfect for all you candle lovers out there who like to burn candles for hours at a time. These glass jars will burn for approximately 80-90 hours allowing you to enjoy the lasting fragrances that you will still smell at the end of the jar. Enjoy your favourite fragrance filling your room all the way through from the first burn until the last.
Glass Votives

Glass Votives (24)

As well as being colourful and contemporary, our colourful votives come with a twist, we offer our customers a choice of cotton or wooden wicks. Cotton wicks are the most common type of wick used in candles, while wooden wicks are relatively new to the candle making industry. Wooden wicks make a soft crackling sound while they burn and they are quickly becoming people’s firm favourite, although not everyone will think so. We believe in giving our customers choice, so we offer both. Find your favourite today! Our hand poured votive range will look good and smell great wherever they are in your home.

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