Tartan Traveller Thistle of Scotland

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This beautiful scent evokes images of the Scottish highlands.  Be whisked away to breath-taking and inspiring scenery when you smell this fragrance filling your room. The thistle, alongside tartan is probably one of the most identifiable symbols of all things Scottish.  From the invasion of Norway on the West coast of Scotland in 1263, legend has it that the invading Norsemen tried to launch a surprise attack on the party of sleeping Scots warriors who were waiting on their arrival, by creeping barefoot under the cover of darkness to where they slept. As they stealthily crept along, they came across an area of ground covered in thistles and one of the invaders stood on one and shrieked in pain, thus alerting the Scottish Clansmen to their advance. The Scots duly defeated them at the Battle of Largs and it was from this that many say the thistle was adopted as Scotland’s national symbol.



Thistle of Scotland, scent from the heart of Scotland to your room.


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